Play Therapy


I am a fully qualified Play Therapist and have worked within schools in Hertfordshire for Hertfordshire County Council’s Counselling in Schools Service re-named as Safe Space for many years.

Play is a young child’s natural language, it is through imaginative play that we tell stories. For a child who is suffering, play is where the wound will be healed. My role is to walk alongside the child and the story, witnessing, containing and creating a safe space for this story to be heard and made safe.

Each child is unique, each story unique, every session an opportunity to be heard and a way forward from suffering found.

As part of my work with children, I created a book called Little Warrior, the Hero’s Journey.  It tells the story of a young boy who had to find the courage he had lost, by accepting six quests. 

We have many parts of self and often when we have a crisis we listen only to one part of ourselves. Helping children find alternative parts of self, can be a very useful therapeutic tool.  The book was designed to work alongside a series of workshops created to raise children’s self esteem and self confidence. The workshops were designed to be sensory, creative, and fun in nature, leading the participants to discover added dimensions of self.

Using the Group as mirrors to seeing ourselves through the eyes of others, we can shift our perception of self and see that we are more than we imagined our self to be and that we belong. We matter.

This raises our feelings of self worth and gives us the confidence to try new things, to become more curious. Ultimately, to become our own Hero.