Taking the first step, know that you are not alone.

Sometimes in life because of circumstances, we feel overwhelmed, powerless and anxious.

The therapeutic counselling experience is a journey we take to discover our way of being and what ails us. 

The journey can be profoundly life changing.  It allows us to create new pathways to a clearer vision of how to move forward in life, in a way that is satisfying to us.

We work with compassion to find what blocks the view to seeing self as whole and complete.

As a Person Centered Counsellor, I  work in a non directive way, believing that you are the expert on you.

Together we work to discover a way of being that allows healing and growth to be a constant in your life.

We may not be responsible for the world that created our Minds, but, we can take responsibility for the Mind with which we create our World”

Gabor Mate